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Double Decker offers new games

Published Tuesday February 21

Photo: Thecommunityvoice

Just about everybody who ever donned a Cub Scouts uniform looked forward to the Pinewood Derby.

The Pinewood Derby is an annual event where the scouts get to show off their creative side by designing and carving out a race car from pinewood. Then, the scouts race their little vehicles on a 35-foot track that’s elevated at the start and flat at the finish line. Local Cub Scout Pack 1 held its Pinewood Derby on Sat Feb. eleven at Fundemonium in Rohnert Park.

These rules have been in place and haven’t changed in more than fourty years. For the outlaw category, which is an open class for parents and friends of the scouts, the weight limit is eight ounces.

Each Cub Scout pack holds its own race.

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